14 Best Practices to Build a Perfect Ecommerce Category Page

The Category page is the place where most of your traffic arrives, especially if you have a great landing site and good content. If you don’t take advantage of these “intermediate” pages to develop your customer relationship then you will lose a great opportunity.

So if you would like to keep your customers and increase your conversion rate, just review the suggestions which are listed below in the infographic. Determine which ones would be best for your business and begin to upgrade your pages.

14 Best Practices to Build a Perfect Ecommerce Category PageWhat’s your favorite category page item? Share your story in the comments.

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  1. Nicole P says:

    I just realised that I seriously need to improve my product page, thank you for the great infographic. I’ve never thought of creating a buying guide, but it might be a great idea to give advice to customers for a more pleasant shopping experience.

  2. Jasmin Sparkman says:

    There are still a lot of websites where the task of taking photos of the products is not taken seriously enough! Good point that you didn’t forget to mention it!
    Can’t wait to read your next article!

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