20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

Exit-intent popups are powerful tools to rescue conversions, gain new email subscribers and increase your revenue.

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • What exit popups are and how they work 
  • 20 great exit-intent popup examples that will inspire you to make your own 
  • Some strategies for optimizing exit popups for customers at different stages of the conversion funnel

Now, let’s get started with a basic definition.

What is an exit popup?

Exit-intent technology enables you to show popup overlays to customers who are on the verge of leaving your page.

Exit popups can be used to display offers like discounts or free shipping to convince customers to purchase something. They’re also used to build email lists or gather user feedback.

How do exit-intent popups work?

Exit popups use tracking to detect when a visitor intends to leave your page. This allows these popups to appear only when someone is about to bounce.

On desktops, the most common exit-intent popup trigger is when a user moves their mouse to the top right corner of their screen. This indicates that they’re about to click the ‘X’ button on their browser. At that point, an exit-intent popup will appear.

On mobile devices, there’s no mouse to track, but exit popups can still work. When a user begins scrolling upwards quickly, it means that they are probably going to push the ‘back’ button or close the browser tab. That’s when a mobile exit popup appears.

Now that we know how exit popups work, the next question is…

Do exit-intent popups increase conversions?

The short answer to this question is yes. But the type of popup you use and the message you’re sending can have a big impact on your conversion rate.

That’s why the total percentage of how much exit-intent popups increase conversions tends to vary.

But don’t worry—OptiMonk’s own data can give us a finer-grained idea of how often different types of exit-intent popups convert:

  • Cart abandonment popups have an average conversion rate of 17.12%.
  • Feedback popups have an average conversion rate of 12.62%.
  • Email signup popups have an average conversion rate of 5.10-7.65%.

If your popups convert at these levels (or better!), it can make a huge difference for your bottom line.

20 best exit-intent popup examples that you can copy today

Here are some of our favorite exit-intent popups. Take a look at them and pick up some strategies that you can use in your own store.

1. Theoodie.com

In our first exit-intent popup example, The Oodie uses a welcoming language to introduce their $25 discount. To access the code, the visitor just has to enter their name and email address.

exit popup 01 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

2. Kissmyketo.com

Kiss My Keto uses an authoritative call-to-action, “Give up trash. Start eating Keto,” to encourage shoppers to adopt a low-carb lifestyle. 

The ticking clock on their exit popup informs customers that they only have 15 minutes to make a decision about their diet, which increases their sense of urgency.

exit popup 02 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

3. Christopher-cloos.com

The most compelling exit popups often have a very simple design, like in this example from Christopher Cloos. 

There’s an image, little text, and lots of white space. This makes it easy for visitors to absorb what the exit popup is saying without becoming overwhelmed.

exit popup 03 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

4. Bibado.co

This exit-intent popup example from Bibado shows us how to use cart value thresholds to motivate customers to buy more.

If a customer is abandoning their cart with items worth $25 in it, their offer below entices them to spend an extra few dollars to take advantage of their discount.

exit popup 04 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

5. Ecommerceinfluence.com

Ecommerce Influence offers a guide for new ecommerce founders through their exit popup, rather than a discount. 

The customers who are interested in downloading their free course will be highly interested in their niche—meaning that they’re likely to become high-quality leads.

exit popup 05 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

6. Indestructibleshoes.com

Indestructible Shoes uses this exit popup to promote a discount for abandoning visitors, with an image that reinforces just how indestructible their shoes are.

There’s also a very visible discount, stylized as “EXTRA 25% OFF NOW” to grab attention.

exit popup 06 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

7. Tinybeastdesigns.com 

This minimalistic exit-intent popup from Tiny Beast Designs focuses on communicating their 15% off discount. They also use a timer to increase the customer’s sense of urgency.

exit popup 07 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

8. Scarlettos.com.au 

Scarletto’s reminds shoppers that they have items in their cart. They do also offer a 20% discount on their exit popup, but only to first-time buyers.

exit popup 08 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

9. Winternational.co.uk

Winternational uses an attractive black and white exit popup design to offer first-time shoppers a 10% off discount. Visitors must become email subscribers to access their discount.

exit popup 09 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

10. Qureskincare.com

This exit-intent popup from Qure not only offers a 5% off discount but also a free face serum along with your order. Free stuff is a great way to get customers excited to buy right away rather than later.

exit popup 10 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

11. Forevercoffeepods.com

Forever Coffee Pods’ attractively designed exit-intent popup asks for a visitor’s email address in exchange for a 20% discount on their first order. 

And they sweetened the deal by adding more value for signing up: a chance to win $250 every month.

exit popup 11 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

12. Atlantaluxurybags.com 

Atlanta Luxury Bags’ exit popup puts all the emphasis on their huge offer of a $50 discount. That’s such a big number it’s almost sure to turn a visitor’s head.

exit popup 12 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

13. Earthlove.co 

Like qureskincare.com, Earthlove sells skincare products. In this space, most visitors want to try products before making a large purchase. That’s why offering a free sample box along with orders is so effective.

Earthlove’s exit popup asks for a phone number in exchange for the free sample.

exit popup 13 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

14. Yesplshealth.com

Yes Please Health uses a conversational tone to offer a 5% discount in exchange for site visitors’ emails. 

Notice how they have two buttons leading to the email signup form and a smaller link that closes the exit popup.

exit popup 14 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

15. Tapestrygirls.com

This one is an example of an exit-intent popup designed to fight shopping cart abandonment. Tapestry Girls offers 10% off, but only if a customer completes their order within the next 15 minutes.

exit popup 15 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

16. Boombycindyjoseph.com

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph uses this exit popup to fight cart abandonment and collect email addresses. It encourages shoppers to “Check out now” and enter their email addresses to get 10% off their first order.

exit popup 16 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

17. Fullersflips.com

Fuller’s Flips uses a few different exit popup hacks in this simple example. They offer free shipping and $10 off, which are a powerful combination for getting users to click to their checkout page.

exit popup 17 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

18. Kettlegifts.com

This exit popup from Kettle Gifts asks for feedback from their customers. This shows visitors that they care about improving their experience and want their opinion on the best way to do so.

exit popup 18 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

19. Naturalvital.hu 

This exit popup from Natural Vital has a clear and compelling call-to-action: “I want the gift.” Even better, they pair their offer with a timer that encourages people to act right away.

exit popup 19 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

20. Czarekszer.hu

Czar ekszer’s exit-intent popup uses enticing language to grab their visitors’ attention. The large “Wait!” gets people to focus on the 15% discount.

exit popup 20 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

6 strategies to optimize your exit popup based on your ecommerce conversion funnel

Hopefully, you enjoyed our exit-intent popup examples. Now, let’s take a look at how to use them at different stages of your conversion funnel.

An ecommerce conversion funnel represents the way your customers’ journeys flow from becoming aware of your brand to an eventual purchase. (Check out our blog post on the topic for a complete explanation.) It’s a great tool for figuring out what type of exit popups to show to different user segments.

For example, discount popups that are meant to prevent cart abandonment won’t be effective on first-time users who haven’t looked at your products yet. 

Instead, you could show new users an exit popup that promotes a seasonal sale to encourage them to keep browsing your website. You might not move them into a sale immediately, but you could nudge an abandoning visitor from the awareness stage of the funnel into the consideration stage.

Let’s take a look at some exit-intent overlays that can reduce your bounce rate and keep potential customers from leaving your funnel.

Top of the funnel exit popup strategies

Top of the funnel website visitors have usually just become aware of your brand. They will often be first-time visitors who aren’t necessarily familiar with your store or products yet.

Therefore, it’s all about introducing yourself to new customers and helping them understand your brand and store better.

1. Display your Unique Selling Proposition on exit popups

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a concise description of some unique aspect of your products or services that none of your competitors offer. A good value proposition establishes why customers should choose to buy from your store.

It’s a good idea to use an exit popup to promote your USP to website visitors at the top of your funnel. That’s because you can help them form a strong impression about what role your store can play for them. Then, they’ll think of you when they really need to make a purchase.

exit popup 21 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

An alternative is to use a sticky bar to inform early funnel visitors of your USP like De Beers does in the example below.

exit popup 22 - 20 Exit-Intent Popups to Skyrocket Your Conversions in 2022

2. Promote seasonal sales on exit popups

You can stay on the radar of your bouncing customers by promoting upcoming seasonal sales.

If your offers are compelling, a website visitor might decide to return to your store to buy gifts for the upcoming holiday. It’s a great way of letting them know that they can get additional value for their money in the near future.

Middle of the funnel exit popup strategies

The middle of the funnel is usually called the ‘consideration stage.’ It’s when people have started to look through your products and think seriously about buying them.

Your goal at this point is to help visitors find products that they really love and get them to the purchase stage.

3. Build an email list with exit popups

Customers who have spent some time on your site but haven’t put anything in their shopping cart yet might be willing to sign up for your email list. Email subscribers can get to know your online store better by discovering your products and story.

Email popups have a greater conversion rate when you offer an incentive for signing up, like in the example below. And offering a discount code makes it more likely they’ll move down the funnel and actually purchase something.

You can also use gamification popups to collect emails. These popups have a very high conversion rate (13.23%) compared to traditional email signup popups (3.23-4.45%). 

The popup below is a Lucky Wheel, which gives visitors a chance to win a discount in exchange for entering their email.

4. Ask for feedback with exit popups

Since middle-of-the-funnel visitors have spent some time with you, they can provide valuable feedback on your website and products.

Not only do people feel valued when you ask for their feedback, but you can also improve your offers to solve any problems they point out. This can lead to more sales in the future.

Check out this OptiMonk feedback exit popup.

End of the funnel exit popup strategies

At the end of the conversion funnel, customers put items in their cart and move through your checkout pages. 

Popups at this stage ensure that shoppers complete their purchase or get them to consider making another one once they’re done.

5. Stop cart abandonment with exit popups

Since nearly 70% of ecommerce shopping carts get abandoned, cart abandonment exit popups can help save conversions by reminding shoppers to checkout. 

As we went over above, the average OptiMonk cart abandonment exit popup has a conversion rate of 12.75%, which can really lower your abandonment numbers.

Offering a customer some additional value can tip the scales in favor of buying an item at the moment. You can either display a free shipping offer or a discount.

These exit popups are even more effective if you offer them for a limited time. This will add a sense of urgency that will encourage your customers to act quickly. You can even use a countdown clock, like in the exit popup example below.

6. Display product recommendations on exit popups

Another reason why a visitor might abandon their shopping cart is that they found a product they liked, but not enough to buy it.

You can highlight products related to the one they put into their cart in a product recommendation exit popup to suggest more options. They might find a product they’re excited to buy.

For example, the popup below offers more options to someone who was shopping for sunglasses.

Summing up

At the end of the day, a well-chosen exit-intent popup can help your store benefit from visitors who are about to exit. Whether that benefit comes in the form of lead generation from email lists, valuable feedback, or halting cart abandonment, you always have one more chance to convert visitors.

We’ve gone over the best types of exit popup for different stages of the ecommerce funnel. Creating great popups for each use case can keep customers moving towards a purchase.

So why not create your very first exit popup today? Take a look through our Template Library for some great starting points!

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