New Features: Mobile View Editing & More

New Features: Mobile View Editing & More
New Features: Mobile View Editing & More

**Exciting announcement alert!**

Your OptiMonk admin got a whole lot of new features. The features we’ve dropped recently are going to help you get more conversions from your popup.

Let’s see the details!

1. You’ve asked for it, and now you can edit mobile view as well

Previously, the mobile view was auto-generated from the desktop view. We got a few user requests about how to edit the mobile view of a popup. We’ve listened, so… now the mobile view can be edited. This is now available for all OptiMonk users!

You don’t have to worry anymore about the look of your popups, it will look amazing on all devices.

OptiMonk new features

This is really important if you think about the fact the 47.2% of global web traffic originated from mobile devices in the 4th quarter of 2018. Don’t give your mobile visitors another reason to leave!

47.2% of global web traffic originated from mobile devices.

This reminds me… Have you heard about our mobile exit intent feature?

2. Get More Followers More Easily

Are you using on-site messages to build and grow social communities, and reach your website visitors through social media?

Then you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve made the Social Share menu simpler. Now you can choose from a list of social media platforms.

OptiMonk new features

But there’s more! We know that Pinterest is a popular and valuable social platform for eCommerce stores. And YouTube is a really important site for every company. That’s why we decided to add Pinterest and YouTube as a Social Platform in OptiMonk, so now you can grow your community on these channels as well.

OptiMonk new features

3. User-Friendlier Admin

Though we released a brand-new admin interface a few months ago, it doesn’t mean we sit back and watch. Nay! We continuously work on making our software better and user-friendlier.

Since November we’ve made a number of improvements to the interface. For example, we’ve optimized the Drag & Drop editor and added new buttons to the top. Now you can find “Save”, “Undo” and “Redo” buttons on the top to make your job easier. No more accidental clicking and panicking!

You probably know that you can filter your campaigns in your OptiMonk account. Until now, if you clicked on a campaign and then went back, you had to set up the filters again. Duh, what a waste of time. From now on our system will remember your filters when you come back.

That was just a few of all the tiny improvements we made, but we can promise that all of them will make it easier for you to use OptiMonk, create on-site messages and turn your traffic into sales.


We hope you like our new features. Log in to your account and see them in action. Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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