7 Easy-to-Implement New Year Personalization Ideas You Can Steal (With Templates)

7 Easy-to-Implement New Year Personalization Ideas You Can Steal (With Templates)

As one year ends and the next begins, it’s time to take stock, make plans, and celebrate! It’s also a great time for ecommerce brands to run promotions, sell their remaining merchandise, and end their year in the black.

Website personalization should be an integral part of your strategy for the New Year since it can enhance the effectiveness of all your marketing tactics. But getting started with your own website personalization can be challenging, which is why we created this article!

We’re going to take a look at 7 powerful personalized campaign ideas for the last few days of the year and discuss how to set them up.

Once you’ve created and scheduled your campaigns, you can enjoy your New Year’s Eve festivities, too. 🙂

1. Tease your New Year sale for non-subscribers

Difficulty: Easy
Message type: Popup

Getting new visitors to sign up for your email marketing list by offering them a good discount is a common technique. 

And refreshing these popups so they’re holiday-specific can increase their conversion rates by at least 10%! 

Use the template below before New Year to tease your New Year sale and use “discounts only available for subscribers” as your value proposition.

2. Promote a coupon code for non-subscribers

Difficulty: Easy
Message type: Popup

Another option is to offer your new visitors a coupon code when they sign up for your email list—this works best during your New Year sale. The coupon code encourages them to look for your email right away and gets your online shoppers used to seeing your emails in their inboxes.

OptiMonk’s automatically-generated coupon codes feature (only available for Shopify stores) automatically creates unique coupon codes for each customer. This makes it easier than ever to get list building popups like these up and running.

Get started with this stunning template that perfectly pairs a “New Year’s Eve party” image with a complementary font that announces a big New Year sale. 

3. Communicate your New Year offer in embedded banners

Difficulty: Medium
Message type: Embedded content

You can also communicate your New Year sale in embedded messages throughout your site. This way, they’ll look like a natural part of your website.

Using this tactic, you can raise a FOMO effect without disturbing your visitors while browsing your site. 

Get started with this ready-to-use template:

And here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set it up! 

4. Stop cart abandoners with limited-time deals

Difficulty: Easy
Message type: Popup

Shoppers who are about to leave your website without making a purchase will often change their minds if you offer them a discount. 

Adding extra urgency with a countdown timer can help tip the scales and convince visitors to buy now rather than later.

You can get started with the template below, which is an incredibly effective cart abandonment popup that combines a discount offer with a countdown timer.

5. Recommend more interesting options in an exit popup

Difficulty: Medium
Message type: Popup

The previous campaign is perfect for new customers. 

But for returning users who are already on your list and have better brand awareness, you should display your most popular products on your cart abandonment popup.

A cart abandonment popup that offers product recommendations can boost conversions by convincing visitors to stick around a bit longer. And the template below is customized for the New Year.

Adding product recommendations is super easy with OptiMonk’s Most Popular Products feature. 

OptiMonk's Most Popular Products feature

If you’d like to get started with this strategy, check out our step-by-step guide here!

6. Use a fullscreen for email subscribers and returning customers

Difficulty: Easy
Message type: Fullscreen

The New Year is a popular time to run sales— some end on New Year’s Eve, while others don’t start until New Year’s Day. We’ve already discussed some strategies to promote these seasonal sales for new visitors and non-subscribers, but you don’t want to forget about your subscribers and returning customers!

A fullscreen campaign (which covers the entire browser window) is perfect for them, as it’s sure to grab their attention. They’ll have to click an “X” button on the popup to return to your store, which means it will be impossible to miss the info you put on the fullscreen! 

You can get started with the template below and when your visitors click the “See Today’s Deals!” button, you can show them a list of your special New Year’s holiday campaign deals.

Here’s another template you can use: 

7. Remind users about their coupons

If you’d like to get started with this strategy, learn all about how to do it here!

Wrapping up

There you have it—7 great campaign ideas you can depend on during the last few days of 2022 to help you end the year with a bang.

Before you get started on your personalization campaigns, we want to wish you a very happy (and profitable) New Year on behalf of everyone here at OptiMonk!

Feel free to visit the OptiMonk Template Library and take a look at all of our New Year-themed templates. Which ones catch your eye? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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