Popup Quizzes: Definition, Benefits & Examples


Picture this: you’re just scrolling through a website or checking out an online store, and then bam! A pop-up window appears, asking you about your favorite type of gummies or something related to the content you’re browsing.

You’d probably answer that question, right?

But what’s the deal with pop-up quizzes? How are big ecommerce brands using them? And how can you create your own pop up campaign? Let’s break it down!

What is a pop-up quiz?

A pop-up quiz—not a pop quiz, that’s something entirely different—is a marketing tactic many ecommerce brands use to turn new website visitors into customers.

These quizzes appear on top of the webpage in an overlay, engaging visitors with questions.

Based on their responses, the pop-up quiz offers personalized product suggestions, nudging them toward making a purchase.

Why should you use popup quizzes?

Now, let’s explore why integrating a pop-up quiz into your marketing strategy is a savvy move (apart from the fact that they’re fun):

  1. Personalized experience: A quiz allows you to offer a personalized shopping experience to your visitors. By asking them questions about their needs, preferences, and style, you can curate product recommendations that resonate with them on a deeper level.
  2. Engagement boost: Let’s be honest, traditional email pop-ups aren’t exactly thrilling anymore. Popup quizzes inject an element of interactivity into your website, grabbing visitors’ attention and keeping them actively involved.
  3. Conversion power: At the end of the day, the primary goal of any ecommerce business is to turn visitors into buyers. A popup quiz acts as a reliable ally in achieving this goal. By guiding visitors towards products that match their interests and tastes, you significantly improve the chances of closing a sale.
  4. Data goldmine: Each response provided in a popup quiz is a treasure trove of valuable insights about your audience. From demographic details to shopping habits, you can gather intel that deepens your understanding of your customers for better segmentation.

4 popup quiz examples to inspire you

Now that you know why using popup quizzes is a good idea, it’s time for a dash of inspiration! Here are four pop-up quiz examples that shine.

1. Kiss My Keto

Let’s start with Kiss My Keto, a popular D2C brand.

Their pop-up quiz started with a straightforward question: “What are you looking for?” This helped new home page visitors find the right products without feeling overwhelmed. 

They also offered a 10% discount in exchange for answering.

In the next step, visitors had to provide their email addresses in exchange for their discount.

In the final step, they not only received a coupon code but also saw personalized product recommendations.

Kiss My Keto’s popup campaign was a hit, with a 20.33% conversion rate and 762 new email addresses collected.

Read more about their success here.

2. Crown & Paw

Our second popup quiz example is from Crown & Paw.

Crown & Paw started their popup by asking for visitors’ email addresses. In exchange, they offered a tempting discount and personalized product recommendations.

After getting those email addresses, they delved deeper to learn more about their visitors and gather sufficient data to provide personalized recommendations and be able to segment them in the future. 

They asked two questions: 

Most of their visitors answered the questions, but even if they didn’t, Crown & Paw had already captured their email addresses. Smart move, right?

In the final step, customers received their promised coupon code along with personalized product recommendations.

Crown & Paw’s popup achieved a 4.03% conversion rate, which was a 2.5X increase compared to the basic Klaviyo email popup they had been using previously.

Discover more about Crown & Paw’s remarkable conversion success story.

3. Pots, Planters & More

Next on our list is Pots, Planters & More’s conversational popup quiz.

They provided visitors with the opportunity to self-segment, indicating whether they were shopping for personal or business purposes.

After selecting the correct answer, visitors had the option to sign up by providing their email addresses.

In the final step, they received their coupon codes.

With this approach, over 5,000 new sign-ups poured in, resulting in a 4.17% conversion rate—nearly quintupling their original popup conversion rate.

Explore how Pots, Planters & More boosted their popup conversions by 5X.

4. Solagarden

Finally, we have Solagarden’s popup quiz.

They employed a Trojan Horse campaign to simultaneously expand their email and SMS lists.

Their strategy began with a straightforward offer: a 10% discount in exchange for an email address.

Then came the clever twist: if customers wanted to upgrade their discount to 15%…

…they could easily do so by joining their exclusive SMS club.

Lastly, with the final question, they could select the type of lights they were searching for.

In the final step, they received their personalized product recommendations along with their coupon code.

How to publish a popup quiz?

Creating your own popup quiz is a breeze with OptiMonk’s conversational popups

Customers can answer quiz questions directly within the popup, without ever leaving your landing page.

Step 1: Pick a quiz topic

Select a quiz topic that resonates with your potential customers. Identify their needs and the challenges they face, and remember to ask questions that will help you provide them with value in the form of personalized communications or product recommendations.

Step 2: Select a template

Got your topic? Great, now choose a template that suits your style. OptiMonk’s got a bunch of quiz templates that’ll grab your audience’s attention and keep them hooked.

Choose a popup template to get started:

Step 3: Create the quiz

Now it’s time to customize your popup template by adding your questions and answers.

With OptiMonk’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you have the flexibility to design your quiz exactly how you want it. Whether you prefer simplicity or something more elaborate, you can do it all with a few clicks.

And don’t forget to sweeten the deal by including a special offer or coupon to keep your audience engaged and motivated to participate!

Step 4: Publish

Hit the publish button, then sit back, relax, and watch as the data and email addresses start pouring in!

Wrapping up

We hope that you’ve gained some ideas on how to integrate pop-up quizzes into your marketing strategy and that you’re feeling inspired to take action!

With platforms like OptiMonk simplifying the process, creating and launching your quiz is easier than ever. 

So, why wait? Start your forever-free account today, and have some fun with your popups!