11 Lead Capture Popup Examples for Generating Leads Rapidly

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Looking to step up your lead generation game? Say no more! Lead capture popups are the secret sauce for turbocharging your lead-gathering efforts.

They’re like little magnets, helping you capture leads faster than you can say “sales.”

In this article, we’ll cover what lead capture popups are, why they’re important, all the best practices you need to know, and 11 examples to inspire your lead generation strategy.

Let’s go!

What is a lead capture popup?

A lead capture popup (or lead generation popup) is an overlay that appears on a website with the goal of capturing visitor information.

What kind of information? It could be their name, email address, or phone number, for example.

A lead generation popup typically offers something valuable in return. Think useful content, discounts, or updates.

These popup forms contain fields where website visitors can input their details.

Why are lead capture forms important?

Lead capture forms are vital for turning website visitors into leads.

Their main goal is to expand the email subscriber list, a key asset in digital marketing.

With a robust email list, you can regularly engage with your audience, providing valuable content, promotions, and updates to build brand loyalty and boost conversions.

Successful lead capture forms typically achieve conversion rates between 5.10% and 7.65% on average, depending on the incentive offered. This is much higher than embedded forms (which typically have a conversion rate of around 1-3%).

How effective a lead capture popup can be for site visitors

5 lead capture popup best practices

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s see 5 tips and tricks that can boost your lead generation efforts and convert more visitors into leads.

1. Have a clear value proposition

Keep your lead capture popup simple and clearly highlight the benefits visitors will receive when they share their information. 

It should be something enticing, like a free webinar, a discount code, or a free ebook. The point is to encourage them to take action.

2. Use minimalistic design

The most effective lead capture popups aren’t necessarily the flashiest. In most cases it’s smart to use a clean, straightforward design for the popup. 

Avoid overcrowding it with unnecessary design elements as this can distract visitors from the main message. 

Simple design on a lead capture form makes it easier for site visitors to focus and engage with the content.

3. Find the right timing

Timing is key when it comes to pop-ups. 

Determine the best time to display the popup based on the visitor’s actions. This could be when they first arrive on the site, after they’ve spent some time browsing, or on exit intent.

4. Optimize for mobile device

As the number of people browsing on different devices continues to rise, prioritizing your mobile conversion rate is essential. 

Ensure that the popup appears appealing and functions seamlessly across various devices to provide a positive experience for all users.

5. A/B test your popup

Do shorter forms or longer forms work better? Should you have more or fewer form fields? Should you try a different incentive? 

Don’t rely on your gut feeling when it comes to popups. Instead, use the data you collect, analyze it, and test different elements of your popup (including copy, design, and timing) to find the most effective variations.

11 lead capture popup examples

Let’s explore 11 examples of pop-ups used by popular brands to effectively capture leads.

Discover how these brands engage with their audience and generate leads effectively.

1. Artlogo

Artlogo's lead capture popup have a clean design with a great call to action.

First up on our lead capture popup examples list is Artlogo’s lead capture popup. 

Their design is clean and fits their website aesthetics. They don’t overcomplicate things. 

Check out the way they highlight the lead magnet the subscriber will receive in the copy: “Your Personal Branding Workbook,” and the fact that it’s FREE. 

Also, their call-to-action “Get my workbook now” is consistent with the offer.

2. Joovv

Joov's have a simple design featuring Andrew Huberman's photo with "Get exclusive access" heading and a limited-time offer

Joovv’s lead capture popup example effectively engages its audience. 

They use simple design elements, featuring a prominent photo of Andrew Huberman to support their offer. 

The headline “Get exclusive access” emphasizes the offer’s exclusivity, while the limited-time offer adds urgency.

3. ISS Automotive

ISS automotive has a tempting information and mobile-friendly design with a "Tap for Discount" call to action.

Next up on our lead capture popup examples list is ISS Automotive. 

They put a lot of tempting information on their lead capture popup:

  • “Over 1.5 Million Parts Renewed” This is great social proof. 
  • “Fast Shipping | Warranty | Free Programming” This concisely highlights their unique value propositions. 

Also, check out their CTA: “Tap for Discount”—it’s unique and straight to the point!

4. Clive Coffee

Clive Coffee's lead capture popup has a casual copywriting style connecting with the audience.

Check out Clive Coffee’s lead capture popup example for a lesson in casual copywriting.

If your brand’s tone of voice allows it, don’t be afraid to infuse a touch of informality and personality into your messaging. This approach can help you connect with your audience on a more personal level and make your brand feel more relatable and approachable.

5. Vegetology

Vegetology's mystery discount pop up with a sense of urgency and automatic monthly refresh feature.

Vegetology’s mystery discount pop-up is a great example of how a bit of mystery can catch your visitors’ attention.

They further increased the sense of urgency by integrating the current month into the headline (“February special”). They did this by using our Smart Tags feature, ensuring that the text will be automatically refreshed each month.

Vegetology’s lead capture form had an impressive 13.8% conversion rate, which shows how effective these tactics were.

6. Indestructible Shoes

Indestructibe shoes's popup has emphasized product with additional value for customers.

Our next popup example is the Indestructible Shoes lead capture popup form. 

There are two notable aspects worth highlighting on their popup: 

  1. They show a clear, bold image of the product on the left side. 
  2. They list additional value provided, including free worldwide delivery, easy returns, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Crown & Paw

Crown and Paw's lead capture popup has a strong deal with personalized product suggestions.

Crown & Paw’s lead capture form is a prime example of effective marketing: they offer a strong deal tailored to their audience. 

Instead of just a 10% discount, they also give personalized product suggestions based on what visitors might like. This not only encourages people to act but also makes their user experience better.

Discover how Crown & Paw achieved a 2.5X increase in conversion rate compared to the basic Klaviyo email popup they had been using previously.

8. RYZE Mushroom Coffee

Ryze Mushroom Coffee has a 40% discount with complimentary gifts and product images for preview.

Ryze Mushroom Coffee exemplifies effective lead capture strategies with their simple yet compelling popup approach. 

Not only do they offer a substantial 40% discount, but they also sweeten the deal by providing complimentary gifts for first-time purchasers. 

And check out how they incorporate product images directly into the popup. It’s like a sneak peek that makes you want to dive in. Smart move, right?

9. Gisou

Gisou's welcome popup has limited-time discounts with a chance to win a one-year supply of conditioner.

Gisou’s welcome popup presents a limited-time giveaway exclusively for first-time visitors, embodying the powerful practice of luring new customers with enticing offers.

By subscribing to their newsletter, visitors have a chance to win a one-year supply of leave-in conditioner. Now that’s a tempting lead capture form!

10. By Jillee Shop

By Jillee's Shop popup has a free shipping offer with persuasive copy for visitors considering opting out.

The exit-intent popup from By Jillee Shop demonstrates another effective method of capturing leads: offering free shipping. 

Free shipping stands out as one of the most enticing incentives for potential customers. Pay attention to their CTA, which emphasizes this offer, as well as their persuasive copy for visitors considering opting out. 

Who really wants to pay for shipping when they can get it for free?

11. Magnx Lashes

Magnx Lashes has comprehensive information gathering capturing email addresses and phone numbers.

The final lead capture popup on our list comes from Magnx Lashes. What sets them apart is their comprehensive approach to gathering information: they not only capture email addresses but also phone numbers. 

This dual strategy allows them to broaden their communication channels for more personalized, effective lead nurturing.

How to create a lead capture pop-up with OptiMonk?

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Step 1: Choose a lead capture popup template

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Step 2: Customize the design

Tailor the design of your lead capture form to perfectly reflect your brand’s identity and messaging, ensuring maximum impact. 

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How to create a lead capture popup with OptiMonk

Step 3: Set triggering and targeting rules

Next, you need to fine-tune the triggering and targeting parameters to precisely control when and where your popup appears. 

Whether you want to display your lead capture popup based on user behavior, time on page, or exit intent, OptiMonk offers a wide range of targeting options to help you reach the right people at the right time.

How to create a lead capture popup with OptiMonk

Step 4: Integrate with your email service provider

OptiMonk integrates seamlessly with your email service provider, making the process of collecting and managing your leads effortless. 

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Step 5: Activate it and monitor performance

Finally, don’t forget to activate your lead capture form and keep an eye on how it’s performing using OptiMonk’s comprehensive analytics dashboard. 

With real-time data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to optimize your popup and drive even greater results.

Wrapping up

Lead capture popups are an effective way to collect email addresses, and they can help you reach your ultimate goal: converting website visitors into loyal customers.

Although creating these website popups can feel like a challenge, with the right tools and strategies you can start capturing leads effectively (and efficiently!) from day one. Use this step-by-step guide and our popup examples as inspiration as you begin crafting your own lead gen popups.

Get on board with OptiMonk and start your forever-free plan now!