New advanced feature to boost your popup’s conversions

We are always experimenting with new methods and best practices, which could help you boost your popup’s conversions. We are happy to announce, that we found a simple, but very powerful new method. Now you can delay the appearance of the closing (X) button in the top right corner – that can help you boost your conversion rates up to 35-40 percent.


Our suggestion is to delay the appearance with 3-5 seconds – that will maximize the potential benefits, and minimize the incidental frustration.

Why does it work so well?

Web users are quite used to popups – your one will surely not be the first they see. And they have a tendency to close it before reading it, as they believe the content will be valueless for them.

If you delay the appearance of the closing X button with a few seconds, they won’t be able to click on it without thinking, so their brain will “switch” to reading the content of the popup. And before they realize, that hey, why don’t they provide an X button, the closing X will be there – so they can close it if they wish.

But since they have already read the content, the chance of the conversion increases tremendously.

You can experiment with your existing campaigns simply by making more versions of the current popups, and A/B testing them with and without delay.