New Updates: Shaolin template with countdown timer, Act-On integration, time controls on popups

We’re always working hard to add new features to OptiMonk to bring more visitors and customers to your site. These most recent updates are designed to make OptiMonk more effective and easier to integrate with your existing platforms.

1.  Shaolin – New template with countdown timer

We’re always rolling out new templates to add new features and to make your popups look more beautiful. This month, we’re excited to announce the release of a long-awaited template — the countdown timer. We’ve had a few requests for this.

Shaolin – New template with countdown timer

Here’s how the Shaolin countdown timer template works:

First, you set an expiration time for your offer, say 10 minutes or 15 minutes. When the popup opens for your visitor, the clock starts ticking. Only visitors who click before the end of the countdown have access to the offer. Once the countdown timer reaches 0, the offer is gone.

The countdown timer increases the feeling of urgency for your visitors. Instead of downloading your coupon at some later time, your visitors download your coupon immediately and are more likely to make a purchase.

This is a great template for sites that use coupon-based campaigns. Once you’ve tried it, please tell us about your results in the comments J

2.  Act-On integration

One of the best uses of OptiMonk is to grow your email subscriber list or newsletter list. We’re constantly adding integration with email and newsletter distribution platforms. This month we’ve added Act-On to the list of platforms available for integration with OptiMonk.

The number of platforms available is always growing, so drop us an e-mail if you’d like to see another newsletter distribution platform integrated with OptiMonk.

You can find more information on Act-On here.

3.  Time controls on popups

We’ve added time controls for popups to the configuration settings for your campaigns. You can find these in “Campaign settings” under each campaign.

There are two new time controls you can use to make your popups more effective:

– You can enter how long it will take for a popup to open on a specific page.

– You can globally set the minimum amount of time a visitor must browse your site for the popup to open. This is regardless of the time a visitor has spent on any specific page of your site.

These controls make sure your popups don’t appear for visitors who click on your site by accident and then immediately leave the page. These accidental clicks can make it difficult to improve your conversion rate by adding data that is not useful to your analytics.

These settings also help make sure your popups don’t bother visitors because they prevent your popups from opening when a visitor accidentally moves their mouse out of the window while the page loads.

While we might think that it’s best to have our messages show right away whenever someone tries to leave our site, our experience shows that adding a delay improves conversion rates and makes popups less annoying for visitors. It’s a win-win.

Time controls on popups

We’ve added these time control settings to all existing campaigns to improve the performance of your popups. We’ve set the default value for all previous campaigns to 3 seconds.  As long as this value is ok for your site, there is nothing to change in your current campaigns.

The default value for all new campaigns is 5 seconds, which you can easily change. We don’t recommend entering anything less than 3 seconds. Remember, we don’t want to annoy visitors. No one likes to be hit with a sales pitch right as they “walk through the door”. Give your customers a chance to experience your site and “sell themselves” before your popups open.

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