A Key Customer of Ours:

Eszter Katona

“With the help of OptiMonk, we successfully convert most of our visitors into newsletter subscribers.”

Eszter Katona
Founder | babyberry.hu

Babyberry products create harmonious children’s rooms with their custom-designed accessories and also offers mom & baby products, so that  every item matches and fits together perfectly.








3000 new subscribers with the Lucky Wheel



Let’s get to know Babyberry!

Babyberry.hu first started in 2015 to help mothers and mothers-to-be, furnish their children’s rooms in a stylish and harmonious way. Eszter Katona, the Founder of the online shop told us about the fact that not every visitor is ready to buy something on their first visit:

“It‘s common that visitors don’t buy Babyberry products right away: They return to our website several times, take a look around and find some inspiration. Sometimes it takes days, weeks, or even months until they actually buy something.”

– said Eszter.

“As for me, the biggest challenge is to shorten the decision-making process and to minimize customer drop-off. ”

Unfortunately, Eszter’s situation fits well in the “2/48/50 rule”.

It means that for an average online shop, only 2% of visitors buy something, but 48% are not ready to shop immediately (although they have the intention of doing so in the future).

The remaining 50% will never become a customer… Why?

What can we do if our visitors are not ready to buy?

To rapidly increase our revenue, it’s important to catch that 2% that is ready to buy “here and now”. However, we shouldn’t stop there: Targeting the other 48% of customers (who are apprehensive) is just as crucial, because they have huge potential.

And that was exactly her goal: Convincing these customers to subscribe to their newsletter. Why? Because email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to encourage mildly-interested-visitors to buy something.

“With the help of OptiMonk, we successfully convert most of our visitors into newsletter subscribers and that is a very important conversion for us. The tailored, targeted messages also help us to convince visitors  near the end of the decision-making process. With proper communication, we can convert them into buyers.”

– Eszter said.

The Key to Success: An Appealing Offer. A useful e-book with real customer value can work just as well as a coupon or product sample that we give in exchange for newsletter subscription. If we promote VIP membership or exclusive email offers, our subscribers feel like they belong to a special club.

Eszter tried out several solutions, but the real success came from the Lucky Wheel: It not only increased the number of newsletter subscribers, but contributed to a fun, interactive customer experience.

How did babyberry.hu use the Lucky Wheel?

When landing on the homepage of babyberry.hu, visitors can spin the Lucky Wheel, so they have the chance to win one of various discounted offers, like a 10% coupon or free shipping. This can make visitors feel special – they may even think it’s their lucky day!

That is why Babyberry’s Lucky Wheel campaign worked so well and resulted in collecting over 3,000 subscribers. 12.43% of the visitors who saw the Lucky Wheel decided to take the irresistible offer.

According to Eszter, it was the precise and refined targeting that made the campaign effective- Namely the setup of who to show the campaign to and when to show it:

“This a very smart function that enables us to show our message to the given target audience, or the exact opposite: Hiding it from visitors that may find it irrelevant. Thanks to this feature, several campaigns can run simultaneously without decreasing each others’ effectiveness and they can run successfully without disturbing visitors with too many messages.”

It is worth highlighting that during the subscription process, Babyberry only asked 2 personal questions (first name and email address) which also increased the popups’ conversion rates.

Eszter’s Personal Message to other Webshop Owners:

“I advise you to try OptiMonk, because you have absolutely nothing to lose! Before you set up your first campaign, you can take part in their free consultations, and I also recommend browsing their provided learning materials, because they include a bunch of useful tricks and tips you will be able to use later on.”

Eszter Katona

Founder | babyberry