14 Amazing Super Bowl & Valentine’s Day Popups to Boost Your Sales in February

14 Amazing Super Bowl & Valentine’s Day Popups to Boost Your Sales in February

Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day are the two events that dominate the retail calendar in February and both can help increase your revenue. Every online merchant should take advantage of these occasions by offering discounts and running promotions

Here are some stats why you should care about these events as an ecommerce store owner:  

  • The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world each year. The last championship game drew over 91 million views, while other viewership figures in past games have topped over 100 million.
  • 61.8% of U.S. consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day, and the average annual spend on this day is $13.29 Billion. 

If you’d like to know how to take advantage of these two major events, you’re in the right place. We’ll take a look at some of the best Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day popups that you can use to boost your sales.

Let’s get started!

1. Build your email list

Special events like Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl provide great opportunities to grow your email list. When you’re able to connect your brand with something that people are excited about, they’ll be more willing to engage with it by subscribing to your email list.  

First, let’s look at a couple of Super Bowl list-building popups

You can offer special deals that coincide with the Super Bowl:

This popup’s simple and visually-consistent design doesn’t get in the way of your message. Also, the colored circle at the top right corner highlights and reinforces your deals.

You can even consider changing the color scheme and image to match the teams playing for the Super Bowl. 

Here’s another Super Bowl-themed list building template that you could try for the next big game: 

Now, let’s see some Valentine’s Day popups. 

The template below hits all the marks you need for a vibrant Valentine’s Day popup. You have a lovely image of a couple with heart balloons, the words “Love is in the air” at the top and “red” as the main color.

This template would help to build your Facebook Messenger list instead of an email list. But with OptiMonk’s drag and drop editor, you can easily change the form and create an email list-building popup as well.  

If you prefer not to do too many edits on the popup, the next template may be a perfect match for you to build a powerful email list. It also asks for a name so you can personalize communication with your subscribers in the future. 

2. Promote your Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day sale

You don’t always need to cite a specific percentage to promote your sales. Perhaps some of your products will be available for 10% off while others will be half price.

In any case, promotional popups encourage visitors to take some time to shop through your site’s products in the hopes that they’ll find a great deal.

A fullscreen promotional popup (like the two examples above) can generate excitement to start shopping.

They’re particularly effective when paired with a holiday or event that provides a natural endpoint for the sale. In our examples, the “Don’t miss out” copy heightens that sense of urgency. And since your message is so large, you can be sure that nobody will miss it. 

Now, let’s see another approach for promotional templates: 

This Super Bowl popup template uses the copy to inform customers of the sale details—specifying the exact percentage that items will be discounted during the sale.  

Here’s a similar popup template for Valentine’s Day:

3. Save cart abandoners during Super Bowl

We recommend that you should always have cart abandonment popups running on your site (otherwise you could be more or less unknowingly throwing away conversions). 

And definitely try to keep your exit-intent popups fresh by regularly updating them. This ensures that your loyal customers won’t see the same popups every time they visit your site.

Check out this Super Bowl-themed cart abandonment popup: 

It makes use of many highly-effective elements, including:

  • A countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency
  • A discount to incentivize making a purchase 
  • A “no” button that uses “I will pay full price” copy 

All of these customizable features of the popup work together to persuade shoppers who are almost all the way through their customer journey and boost their confidence to convert now, rather than later. 

4. Gamify your Valentine’s Day popup

People love games, and this is a fact. Our very own statistics prove that too. Our lucky wheel popups have a 13.23% average conversion rate. This is way better than the average conversion rate of simple email popups (5.10%). 

If you’d like to achieve greater engagement and increase your sales while building your email list, try this Valentine’s Day-themed lucky wheel popup.

5. Remind your visitors about their coupon codes

All three sticky bars come equipped with both a countdown timer and a coupon code (which can be automatically generated as well).

You can customize their copy and color scheme in OptiMonk’s drag and drop popup editor. This will ensure that it’ll fit the look and feel of your website.

6. Recommend Super Bowl-related products to visitors

You can use personalized product recommendations for your customers during your Super Bowl promotions. We’ll address this for our last use case.

When choosing which products to feature on your popup, you would want to use items that are the most relevant to the sales event you’re promoting. Doing so will alert your customers about these products at the perfect time.  

This product recommendation popup not only shows your customers the specific items that they may be interested in, but it also displays each discount that’s available for every product. It’s a great way to spark interest in products that someone might not be familiar with while providing a powerful incentive to buy.

The last few words

So there we have the most up-to-date popup templates to run in February to boost your sales. 

Once you’ve customized some of these great templates and scheduled your Super Bowl or Valentine’s Day campaigns, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy the events. 

So now is the perfect time for you to head on over to our Template Library and get started!

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