The Body Shop Marketing Ideas: Their Formula for a 21.77% Conversion Rate Increase

How The Body Shop Spiked Their Conversion Rate by 21.77% with OptiMonk

The Body Shop is one of the most popular beauty stores on British high street. Known for cruelty-free beauty products, they’re loved by ethical shoppers everywhere.

In this case study, we’ll talk about their Hungarian online store. They wanted more sales for the holidays. And guess what? They cracked the code.

Read on and discover their secret sauce to achieve a 21.77% increase in conversion rate in just one month with the help of OptiMonk.

Meet The Body Shop

The Body Shop Hungarian website

The Body Shop is a British natural cosmetics, body care, hair, and skincare brand. They sell ethical and nourishing products that are free from animal testing. 

Consequently, they’ve attracted a large group of animal lovers, vegetarians, and vegans.

The brand became iconic mostly for its luxe creamy body butter—which has variations such as Fuji Green Tea, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Pumpkin. 

But their emphasis on the rejection of beauty stereotypes and celebrating diversity also helped them become so popular. They make sure that their customers feel good inside and out after using their products. 

Despite their overall success, their Hungarian online store had its challenges. They needed to convert more traffic.

The challenge

The Body Shop Hungary faced a primary challenge: converting holiday browsers into customers.

During the festive season, they experienced a surge in organic traffic. However, a significant portion of their visitors engaged in browsing for Christmas presents without making purchases.

Their marketing team had two objectives:

  • Holiday browsers needed help finding the perfect gift. 
  • They also wanted to encourage shoppers to purchase from The Body Shop’s online store instead of going elsewhere. 

To achieve these goals and improve their marketing efforts, they started to use OptiMonk’s popup tool.

The solution

Now, let’s delve into the marketing strategies implemented by The Body Shop Hungary to tackle their website conversion challenge.

1. Product recommendation popup

The Body Shop wanted to turn as many website visitors into customers as possible—right before the Christmas shopping rush would begin. To do that, they created a product recommendation popup campaign in advance.

To maximize conversions from this Christmas popup, they decided to A/B test the campaign. 

A/B testing involves comparing two different variations to find out which is strongest and draws in the audience most effectively. 

They A/B tested the:

  • Colors
  • Images
  • Names of product categories
  • The main title
  • The product price

Below, you can see version A:

TheBodyShop product recommendation popup

And here’s Version B of the popup:

TheBodyShop product recommendation popup

Both popups addressed the age-old question that shoppers have during the Christmas season: “What presents should I buy for Christmas?”

Website isitors were prompted to click the “Check it out” button at the bottom of the message. Following this, visitors were redirected to the appropriate product page.

Showing personalized product recommendations for abandoning visitors is one of the best marketing strategies in 2024. This tactic is a great way to save abandoners without offering discounts.

This product recommendation campaign ran with the following settings for both versions: visitors browsing from a PC saw the popup once, after spending 15 seconds on the page.

The Body Shop popup settings
The Body Shop popup settings

The popup was also only shown to those who had not seen a Christmas product page—which meant they didn’t see the Christmas offers yet. 

The Body Shop popup settings

They also applied an advanced segmentation setting. Only visitors who had placed a given product in their carts could see the popup.

The Body Shop popup settings

Thanks to the detailed segmentation, both versions performed well. But version A was more popular than B, so they decided to go with that one. 

After running for a month, its conversion rate was nearly 16%

2. Gamification popup

Alongside their product recommendation campaign, The Body Shop launched a Santa-themed lucky wheel coupon campaign.

Gamified marketing strategies are popular among ecommerce stores because they offer customers engaging experiences while effectively driving conversions and fostering customer loyalty. And this lucky wheel did exactly that for target customers.

Gamification lucky wheel popup

Here’s how it works!

Customers play and spin the wheel by clicking on the button. The winning item and discount code then got revealed on the second page of the popup—ready for checkout:

Gamification lucky wheel popup

This gamification popup was very popular with website visitors for two reasons. 

First, customers got an ace discount on their Christmas buys. 

Second, this festive seasonal game brought back fun, warm memories from their visitors’ childhoods. 

Not to mention, promoting discounted products is a great way to attract repeat customers. Once customers find a product they love, they’re likely to return and purchase it at full price later.

Here’s how they configured the settings of this popup.

The lucky wheel triggered once to all visitors who browsed the site on PC for at least 10 seconds.

The Body Shopify popup settings
lucky wheel popup settings

Although The Body Shop didn’t use any advanced targeting in this campaign, the popup’s eye-catching text, fun feel, and great discounts managed to achieve a 67% conversion rate!

That’s an outstanding result! 

If you’d like to achieve similar results, try these lucky wheel templates now: 

Key results

Thanks to the two OptiMonk-powered popups, The Body Shop Hungary managed to: 

  • Increase their average order value by 31%. 
  • Drive 14% of their revenue through popups.
  • Increase conversions by 21.77%.

Congrats to The Body Shop team! 

Silvia Benkő, the ecommerce manager of The Body Shop, said this about the campaigns: 

“The main goal of the Christmas campaign was to show our seasonal products to the visitors, and we were hoping that after checking them out, they would actually buy. With the help of the campaign, we achieved such high traffic on our Christmas product pages in November just like in December without a campaign. 

During the campaign period, 14% of our income arrived via popups, we managed to increase the average cart value by 30%, and there was a 21.77% conversion rate growth as compared to the previous period.”

If you’d like to achieve similar great results, why not try OptiMonk? Create your free account here.

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