20 Best Practices To Build a Perfect Ecommerce Product Page

The customer has finally made contact with your website’s homepage and is currently wandering around, looking for things of possible interest. Does your website have what it takes to retain their interest and sell to them?

Best practices for ecommerce sites dictate certain requirements such as clear and crisp product images & descriptions as well as many other technical parameters that can make your website shine spectacularly.

Here you will see 20 elements that you can use on your product page. Some of these are popular, some of them are not so. It is worth considering using all of the elements which together have more than an 80% usage ratio. But don’t forget the not-so-popular ones! Some of them could easily increase your conversion rate.

ecm infographic productpage 20140804 - 20 Best Practices To Build a Perfect Ecommerce Product Page

If you would like to know more about the category page, just click here.

How many elements are you using on your page?

jb freemium - 20 Best Practices To Build a Perfect Ecommerce Product Page


  1. Martin says:

    We also use most of these practices in our online store and these changes really help to boost up the conversion a little bit. Glad to see such useful articles here, hope to see more soon. 🙂

  2. Blake says:

    Thank you for the great tips. I think I’m going to try the less popular ones too, like the loyalty system, because I want customers who come back to me again and again, and also I will use discount deadlines to encourage them to buy as fast as possible.

    1. Pamela Astor says:

      I like this infographic! You did a good job when sharing this! I think it is very important to let the costumers know when they should expect their products to arrive, as tip no. 20 also suggests here.
      Are you planning to create and share more infographics in the future?

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