How to Add a Popup to Shopify

How to Add a Popup to Shopify

Popups can bring a lot of value to any online store. Whether you want to build your email list, save cart abandoners, or improve the conversion rate of your Shopify store, popups are a great way to accomplish those goals.

To add a popup to your Shopify store, you’ll need to use a plugin from the Shopify app store. Our recommendation? OptiMonk, a free app that boasts some of the most powerful popups available for your Shopify website.

In this post, we’ll show you all the steps you need to follow to create popups for your Shopify store using OptiMonk.

Let’s get started!

A step-by-step guide to adding pop-ups to your Shopify store

The sheer variety of different campaigns you can create using OptiMonk is stunning. With so many different kinds of popups (allowing you to collect customer information, deliver coupon codes, reduce cart abandonment, and more) we can’t possibly cover them all here.

Instead, we’ll go over how to add a simple email list building popup so you get a hang for how it works.

Step #1: Install the OptiMonk app on your Shopify site

Click here or search for OptiMonk in the Shopify App Store. Then click the “Add app” button:

OptiMonk pop-ups in the app store

If you’re already logged in to your Shopify account, the installation process just takes a few more clicks.

Installing OptiMonk's Shopify popup app is quick and easy

After you click on the “Install app” button, you’ll have the option to create an OptiMonk account on the next screen:

Shopify customers can create an OptiMonk account with just one click

Account creation is automatic, using details from your Shopify account. When that’s all set, you’re ready to proceed to OptiMonk and start working on your first popup for your ecommerce store!

Step #2: Create your first popup

New accounts have an onboarding process that guides you through creating your first campaign and adding popups to your Shopify store.

First, you’ll be able to choose a template based on your campaign goal and the type of message you want to display in your popup. In this case, we’re choosing a popup to collect email addresses from Shopify customers.

OptiMonk has hundreds of popup templates

After choosing a template, you’ll be redirected to OptiMonk’s user-friendly drag and drop editor. 

Here, you can customize the template you’ve chosen to match the look and feel of your Shopify store. You can also add your own copy.

It’s simple: all you have to do is to click on the part of the popup that you want to edit and then make your changes. You can also drag and drop new elements, like countdown timers, to your popup.

Create a popup using OptiMonk's drag and drop editor
OptiMonk's popup triggering options

When it comes to targeting options, you have lots of options to personalize your messages for specific segments of your visitors. This means you’ll never have to show the same generic message to all your visitors, which could annoy them.

OptiMonk's popup targeting options

After you’ve adjusted these settings, you can set up your integrations.

OptiMonk's integrations screen

OptiMonk integrates with many of the most popular ecommerce apps and services. This includes CRM managers like HubSpot, email marketing platforms like Klaviyo and MailChimp, and many other apps.

Step #4: Publish your popup on your online store

When you’re satisfied with your popup, all you have to do is to change the status of your campaign to “Active.”

Add a Shopify popup to your ecommerce site by changing its status to active

And just like that, you’ll have added your very first popup to your Shopify site!

Learn more about creating successful Shopify popups

If you’d like more tips on how to create Shopify popup campaigns that achieve high conversion rates, check out this list of recommended articles from the OptiMonk blog:

Wrapping up

There you have it: all the information you need to create your first popup campaign!

As you can see, creating popups for your Shopify store with OptiMonk is a quick and easy process. Once you’ve made your first campaign, there’s nothing stopping you from making a second, third, fourth, and so on.

Before you know it, you’ll have a suite of popups running on your Shopify store, allowing you to do everything from collecting feedback to promoting your special sales. Ready to get started? Take the first step and create your first popup campaign today!

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