12 Website Announcement Bar Examples for Ecommerce Stores

Learn how website announcement bars can improve your website's experience.

Website visitors have lots of questions when they arrive at your website. Whether it’s inquiries about shipping policies, the allure of free shipping offers, or the quest for discount codes, visitors seek instant answers to streamline their online experience.

Website announcement bars (also known as website notification bars) are perfect for answering your visitors’ questions.

In this article, we’re going to dive into what they are, how they work, and show you 12 website notification bar examples.

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What is a website announcement bar?

A website announcement bar is a sticky bar displayed at the top or bottom of a webpage. 

This simple notification bar is used to convey important messages, promotions, alerts, or announcements to website visitors. 

Notification bars are designed to be attention-grabbing yet unobtrusive, ensuring that your message gets noticed without disrupting the user experience.

How do announcement bars work?

Announcement bars act like digital signposts on websites, drawing attention to important information or guiding visitors to specific content.

Typically, they’re designed with vibrant colors, brief messages, and clickable buttons. 

The goal of announcement bars is to catch visitors’ attention and encourage them to take a desired action (such as signing up for a newsletter) or inform them about something important (like a discount or free shipping offer).

12 announcement bar examples

Now that you know what a website notification bar is and how it works, it’s time to explore examples of notification bars and observe how major brands get their visitors’ attention and guide them through their online stores.

1. Artlogo’s coupon reminder bar

Artlogo's website notification bar example

Most notification bars aim to raise awareness, and Artlogo’s coupon code reminder is no exception. 

They remind users about their coupon code in an effective yet stylish way, ensuring potential customers don’t forget about the discount they can use in their shopping cart.

Based on our experience, these floating coupon reminder bars can help to increase coupon redemption rate by 50%.

2. BioZoo’s free shipping bar

BioZoo's hello bar design and copy encourages visitors to shop more to get a free delivery

BioZoo’s notification bar example taps into emotions, which is a great way to encourage even more visitors to purchase. 

Their navigation bar says: “Please your pet a little more!” Who doesn’t love to treat their little pets (and get free shipping too)?

Free shipping bars like this one can help to increase your average order value by 30% on average.

3. BlendJet’s subscription bar

BlendJet's hello bar example helps to notifiy visitors to subscribe to their newsletter

BlendJet’s subscription bar is for first-time visitors. They encourage visitors to subscribe to their newsletter in exchange for 10% off their first order. 

Their navigation bar fits their brand perfectly and gets attention without disrupting the user’s journey on the website.

With this website notification bar campaign, BlendJet collected more than 20,000 subscribers in just 4 months.

4. Bukvybag’s free shipping bar

Bukvybag sticky bar example

Next on our list of website notification bar examples, we find Bukvybag’s elegant website notification bar. 

The slim bar on the top of the website matches their website’s aesthetics to perfection. 

They also personalize the notification bar with the country name and a tiny little flag. To achieve this, they used OptiMonk’s Smart Tags feature which automatically updated the country name and the flag for each visitor based on their location. 

This website notification bar helps them provide each visitor with a tailored experience.

5. Coconut Cloud’s coupon reminder bar

Coconut Cloud announcement bar example

Coconut Cloud’s coupon reminder bar shows up after a visitor subscribes on an email popup, and its goal is to draw attention to the discount code they received in exchange for their email address. 

It comes in quite handy to the visitor—it doesn’t interrupt them while browsing, but they still see a site notification bar with their exact coupon code on it.

6. Crown & Paw’s coupon reminder bar

Crown and Paw's notification bar show us the importance of great copy.

Crown & Paw’s notification bar highlights the importance of using attention-grabbing, creative copy.

Floating bars are a great place to boost your marketing efforts and use copy variants that match your brand’s tone of voice. Great copy has the power to increase engagement and leave your visitors with a strong impression of your brand.

Crown & Paw’s wordplay on their website notification bar resulted in a 38% increase in orders.

7. Gisou’s free shipping bar

Gisou's floating bar creates a sense of urgency with their limited offer showing on their landing page

Gisou’s free shipping bar blends naturally with their web page (look at the color scheme!) and helps execute the brand’s aesthetic seamlessly. 

The limited-time offer is a great way to create urgency and inform your visitors that if they don’t act quickly, they could miss out on free shipping.

8. Joovv’s Black Friday sticky bar

JoooV's hello bar examples the power of seasonal deals at an online business

Joovv’s Black Friday website notification bar shows how you can use sticky bars to direct visitors and inform them about seasonal deals. 

It’s less intrusive than a popup, but with a little creativity you can still make sure your visitors see important information or drive traffic to specific pages.

9. Kiss My Keto’s coupon reminder bar

Kiss My keto's coupon reminder bar helps to get more sales by following up with coupon codes

Kiss My Keto’s coupon reminder notification bar is a clever way to follow up with your customers. 

If they’ve opted in but haven’t yet used their coupon code, take a cue from Kiss My Keto’s notification bar example and display a discount reminder bar.

With this campaign, Kiss My Keto was able to achieve a 19.32% increase in conversion rate.

10. Solagarden’s product reminder sticky bar

SolaGarden's product reminder sticky bar reminds customers the products they have been previously searching for

Website visitors often browse for certain products and then leave. 

Solagarden’s notification bar exemplifies how you can subtly remind them of the products they were looking at last time while also highlighting how fast they can get the product if they order now.

This product reminder notification bar was clearly working well for Solagarden, as it helped them achieve a 66% increase in orders.

11. Transformation Academy’s special offer bar

Transformation Academy's special offer floating bar shows the importance of FOMO

Next up on our list of notification bar examples, we have Transformation Academy’s special offer bar. 

Note the countdown timer, which certainly helps to capture leads by increasing FOMO in website visitors. 

If you have a flash sale and want to boost engagement, a countdown timer is a clever way to do it.

12. WishGarden Herbs’ offer notification bar

WishGarden Herb's implemented all the important information into their hello bar

Last but not least, take a page from WishGarden Herb’s marketing strategy: note how they implemented almost every single important piece of information into their notification bar. 

They have a big, bold countdown timer in the middle, and they use different font sizes to draw more attention to their main message.

How to create an announcement bar?

Now that you’ve seen our notification bar examples, it’s time to get your visitors clicking and start boosting your conversions. 

Let’s see how you can create your own announcement bars with the help of OptiMonk.

Step 1: Choose a sticky bar template

The first step is to choose one of the many notification bar templates that you can personalize with just a few clicks.

Step 2: Customize the design of your sticky bar

Next, it’s time to customize your sticky bar design. Choose your main colors and the fonts you like from the drop-down menu.

How to create a floating bar with OptiMonk

Step 3: Set triggering options

Once you’ve finished with your designs, it’s time to set the triggering options for your sticky bar.

Step 4: Segment your audience

Now, you’ll need to segment your visitors and decide who you want to see your sticky bars.

How to create a floating bar with OptiMonk

Step 5: Activate your sticky bar

As the final step in this process, it’s time to unveil your website notification bar to the world. By activating it, you’ll be opening the door to more leads, more opportunities for engagement, and more sales.


What is a sticky bar?

A sticky bar is a persistent element on a website that remains visible as users scroll through the page. It typically contains important information, announcements, or calls-to-action, ensuring they’re constantly within view for visitors.

How do I add a notification bar to my website?

There are several tools on the market—like OptiMonk and ​​Hello Bar—that help you create your very own sticky bar. With OptiMonk, you can seamlessly integrate your notification bar into your website without the need for plugins or coding, making the process efficient and hassle free.

What are some best practices for website announcement banners?

When creating a website notification bar, it’s important to keep messages concise and clear. Use eye-catching colors and ensure responsiveness across all devices. Include a clear call-to-action (CTA) and regularly update content. Experiment with variations to find what resonates best with your audience.

Wrapping up

We hope you’ve gained some great insights from this article. But why stop here? With 12 sticky bar examples in your pocket, and armed with plenty of useful advice, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and embark on the journey of creating your own!

With OptiMonk’s user-friendly interface and powerful features, creating compelling popups and sticky bars has never been easier. 

Seize the opportunity to transform your website’s performance and make a lasting impression on your visitors. Create a free account now! 

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