Justuno vs OptiMonk: Which is Better for your Ecommerce Store?

Justuno vs OptiMonk: Which is Better for your Ecommerce Store?

Justuno and OptiMonk are two really popular conversion optimization tools for ecommerce stores. Justuno has been in the market since 2010 which makes them one of the first models available, but in 2014, OptiMonk was developed and has become one of the most loved CRO tools that is sought after around the world today. 

If you’re trying to choose between Justuno and OptiMonk, it might be a hard decision. How do you know which one is right for you?

In this article, we’re putting OptiMonk head to head with Justuno to help you understand how they compare and where they differ, so that you can easily decide which is better for your online store!

Mobile vs Desktop

What if you want to optimize your pop-ups for mobile use? 

When you create a new popup with Justuno, first, you need to select which device your promotion will be seen on… but unfortunately, you won’t be able to display a pop-up on both devices. You need to create separate campaigns.

Justuno vs OptiMonk

On the other hand, all of the OptiMonk pop-ups are automatically mobile-friendly, so they will look stunning on ALL devices.

But wait! There’s more! OptiMonk allows you to edit mobile settings for virtually every aspect, you can upload different images, and you can hide elements or change the order around for mobile users.

Justuno vs OptiMonk


Great design is an important part of the perfect pop-up equation. Justuno and OptiMonk both offer ready-to-use templates. But when it comes to design, there’s a difference between the two tools.

It’ll take more time and energy to create an attractive pop-up with Justuno:

Justuno vs OptiMonk

OptiMonk, on the other hand, puts an emphasis on Great Design, so you can create attractive pop-ups with our easy to use features.

Here are just a few sneak-peeks at our beautiful expertly-designed templates from our professionals:

Justuno vs OptiMonk

Seasonal Templates are also important for most online merchants, since special offers and discounts tied to an event, are business as regular for them.

Justuno and OptiMonk offer seasonal templates, but if you take a look at them, you’ll see that OptiMonk offers more options. 

First, let’s see the number of categories each tool has. Justuno has 13 categories while OptiMonk has 17 categories

popup themes

In each category, Justuno has 1-3 templates available. Here’s Justuno’s Halloween template:

OptiMonk has more templates available for each theme, at least two, but for some categories, we offer 10+ templates per theme, so we are positive that you can find the right fit for your project.

Here’s a quick look at OptiMonk’s fun Halloween Designs:


While ready-to-use pop-up templates can be a wonderful way to save time, sometimes you want to get in there and tweak, adjust, and customize to your heart’s content!

Let’s have a look at Justuno and OptiMonk’s editors. They both have a Drag&Drop Editor which gives you a lot of Customization Options. 

So, that’s great! Every popup tool should have a Drag&Drop Editor.

But when you add a new element to your Justuno pop-up, unfortunately, the elements around it don’t move automatically – which can be a pain in the arse. You need to move every element one-by-one and you need to personalize the look of it. What a shame!

With OptiMonk, it’s much more simple! When you add a new element, it moves the existing elements around automatically, and also automatically applies the design. Sounds great, right?


Displaying the right message at the right moment to the right person is the foundation of every successful popup campaign. The more personalized your campaigns are, the more conversions you’ll get!

To display your message at the right moment to the right person, you just need to select when to show it to and who to show your pop-up to. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 and done! 

First, let’s talk about the “When” …  

The tools for both OptiMonk and Justuno allow you to show your message when a visitor is about to leave your site, and when they scroll through the specified amount down the page. 

Besides that, Justuno has just 2 options: on specific pages, after X pages. 

OptiMonk also offers these options, but we call them Targeting Options. It means that you can specify the URL or add the number of visited pages under the “Who to Show” section.

At OptiMonk, we add more advanced options into the mix and we offer 4 powerful triggering options besides just the standard exit-intent and scroll-trigger. Take a look at what we’ve got going on over at OptiMonk

⭐ On-Click for a Specific Area

⭐ After X number of Seconds of Inactivity

⭐ After X number Seconds

⭐ After a JavaScript Event

Now let’s see how these tools allow you to target visitors. These are the options that Justuno has:

And this is just a small part of OptiMonk’s 15+ Targeting Options:

Without giving you an exhaustive list, here are a few more options: 

Block IP Addresses: Visitors with the following IP addresses will not see your message

Exclude Page Visitors: Exclude visitors who have already visited a specific page (This is a popular feature that already yields great results for our users.) 

⭐ Cart rules: Visitors with Specific Cart Content will see your message (This is where OptiMonk shines.) 

⭐ Cookie Segmentation: Segment your audience based on any cookie you want


Justuno and OptiMonk both have great support documentation, but what if your question isn’t answered in the provided text, or you run into an issue? How easy will it be to get the help you need? 

What can you do at that point, if you’re lost and need additional information?

With Justuno, you’ll only have access to email support and live chat if you’re enrolled in their Essential Plan, but you need to pay more if you want phone support.

As an OptiMonk member, you get free phone, chat, and email support. And you can also schedule a FREE CALL with our specialists whenever you need a bit of extra help.

OptiMonk support


Now, here’s what you’ve been really looking for… the pricing! 

It can be difficult and time consuming to compare what Justuno and OptiMonk charge since they have a different type of pricing. Justuno charges per visitor sessions, and OptiMonk charges per pageviews. Luckily, both reports can be seen in Google Analytics. Just take a look below: 

Justuno’s smallest plan is $29/ month which includes 10k visitor sessions. For 25k visitor sessions, they charge $49.00. For 50k visitor sessions, they charge $99/ month. These are just the Essential plans. 

If you want phone support, account services (e.g. onboarding services, and installation support), you’ll need to pay for the Justuno Plus plan. The price for the Plus plan is not displayed anywhere on their website.

OptiMonk has a free plan available for smaller websites. The free plan includes 3,000 pageviews. For 25,000 pageviews, OptiMonk charges $29/month and for 100,000 pageviews, we charge $79/month. 

All Plans include Phone Support and Account Services. We are always happy to help our users with the Onboarding Process and Installation. 


Let’s summarize what we’ve learned today:

If you want…

  • a tool with more attractive and expert-designed templates

  • a user-friendly  Drag&Drop editor that makes it easy to add new elements

  • to optimize your campaigns for both mobile and desktop utilization

  • to be serious about segmenting your audience for better results

… then OptiMonk is the clear choice for your eCommerce store!

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