5 Popup Case Studies that Showcase the Power of Exit-Intent Popups

Digital marketers often worry that using popups on their website will hurt the user experience for their visitors. They’re afraid of seeing their bounce rate increase and losing out on potential customers.

However, the truth is that when you use popups well, you can actually improve both the user experience and your conversion rates. It’s all about creating a message that’s relevant and displaying popups at the right time.

In this post, we’re going to focus on using exit-intent technology to display popups right before a visitor leaves your website. This gives you a second chance to convert, which means you can actually decrease your bounce rate and generate a lot of extra leads.

We’re going to take a look at five real companies that have invested in exit-intent popups to solve specific problems in their customer journey.

Let’s get started!

1. Digital Marketer gets 2,689 extra leads using exit-intent technology

Digital Marketer is a blog founded by Ryan Deiss, a successful webpreneur, that serves a community of sharp-minded online marketers and business owners. Ryan shares his experience of founding several ecommerce businesses in different industries and gives some secrets to his success.

In one blog post, Justin Rondeau demonstrated how effective OptiMonk’s onsite retargeting features were on the Digital Marketer site itself. Basically, they created five different retargeting campaigns that advertised their various lead magnets: a marketing toolbox, a Facebook ad template, a social swipe file, and a list of 212 blog post ideas.

Here’s what one of the campaigns looked like:

Digital Marketer pop-ups to boost PPC results blog

These OptiMonk campaigns decreased Digital Marketer’s bounce rate from 66.46% to 53.39%, but also increased the average time on site by 54% and average pageviews per visitor by 26%.

The real headline is that these campaigns generated 2,689 leads! Keep in mind that all of these visitors were about to leave the site, which means that they never would have gotten those nearly 3,000 extra leads without the exit-intent popups.

2. Marketing 112 increases subscription rate by 62% thanks to pop-ups

Marketing 112 is a Hungarian marketing company owned and managed by Norbert Miklovicz. Norbert also used OptiMonk to boost his visitor-to-subscriber conversion rates to the next level.

He took care of the first step himself: creating a lead magnet to entice visitors. Norbert had created a free 33-day marketing course for his visitors. But despite all his hard work, not very many people in the target market were taking him up on his offer.

Once Norbert started using a lead generation popup to promote the free content, he instantly saw his conversion rate skyrocket.

Marketing112 used pop ups and other tools to gain more students and customers

And exactly how much did this popup campaign increase his conversion rate? By a whopping 62%.

Those leads led to success further down the marketing funnel: after this campaign was originally published, the number of leads who took further action (like asking Norbert to draw up a marketing proposal for them) grew by 45% in just 3 months.

3. ZooShoo gets 7% more revenue with an exit-intent popup

ZooShoo is a US ecommerce brand that specializes in women’s fashion. As you might have guessed from their name, this ecommerce website sells shoes.

ZooShoo’s owners were seeing too much traffic visiting their website without actually buying anything, so they decided to create a popup campaign to get more people to increase their sales.

They decided to promote a coupon giveaway using OptiMonk: visitors who signed up for their email list would receive a coupon for a 10% discount on their next purchase.

ZooShoo used an exit intent pop up idea to increase sales and subscribers

ZooShoo increased their overall revenue by 7.35% in just two months. They also generated more than 5,000 extra subscribers, 1,129 of whom went on to make a purchase.

4. Vegetology doubles the signup rate of their pop-up

Vegetology runs an online shop that sells all-natural vitamins and supplements to health-conscious consumers around the world. The company approached OptiMonk’s team of conversion experts in order to determine where and how they could optimize their website.

The brand was running a standard “10% off your first purchase” popup campaign in order to collect leads from their incoming traffic, but the conversion rate was only about 7%. OptiMonk recommended creating a “Mystery Discount” popup promising an unknown discount in exchange for signing up for marketing emails.

Using a mystery discount like this example can pique the interest of your target audience, since people will naturally want to find out how much money they can save.

They also displayed a small popup teaser (in the bottom right of each user’s screen) after the popup was closed in order to give users an easy way to regain access to the deal after closing the campaign.

Vegetology nearly doubled the lead generation campaign’s conversion rate to 13.8%. And gaining all those additional subscribers had the effect of boosting their ecommerce conversion rate by 21%.

You can read the full case study here.

Vegetology's results from pop ups

5. BlendJet collects 15,000+ new subscribers and generates 39.2% extra revenue

BlendJet is a D2C Shopify store that sells portable blenders for people who want to make smoothies on the go. Although their company is one of the fastest-growing stores on the Shopify platform, they were still having trouble with cart abandonment. And it’s no wonder: in ecommerce, an average of 7 out of every 10 shopping carts are abandoned!

OptiMonk’s conversion specialists helped BlendJet create an exit-intent campaign for cart abandoners. The website popup offered users a 10% discount to encourage them to buy now rather than later. They displayed the popup below on both the checkout and cart page to visitors that were about to leave their site.

Blendjet exit-intent popup example

Using OptiMonk’s automatic coupon redeem software, BlendJet automatically applied the coupon’s discount to the total cost of the order.

BlendJet collected over 15,000 new subscribers and generated almost 40% more revenue from cart abandoners.

Become the next pop-up case study!

As you’ve seen in the 5 case studies above, popups with exit-intent technology are basically guaranteed to improve your conversion rate. Let’s quickly recap the results that each company achieved after launching their OptiMonk campaigns:

  • Digital Marketer: +2,689 leads
  • Marketing 112: +62% subscription rate
  • ZooShoo: +5,000 new leads and +7% revenue
  • Vegetology: 2x lead generation conversion rate 
  • BlendJet: +15,000+ new leads and +39.2% sales

Each of these 5 companies invested in OptiMonk’s popup technology and saw a return on their investment very quickly. Will you become success story #6?