Exit Intent Intervention is the Solution to Cart Abandonment

Grab the attention of your abandoning visitors with exit intent popups and convert them into buyers.
What our users say
We were able to get 2,689 more leads from traffic that was intending to leave the site. Oh, and we didn’t just increase lead magnet consumption we also increased DM lab sales by 30.22%.
justin rondeau
Justin Rondeau

Convert 25% more traffic into
sales with exit intent popups

Using exit intent popups, you can capture abandoning visitors when they’re about to leave your site without making
a purchase, and display a secondary offer to finish their purchase or subscribe to your email list. Up to 25% of
retargeted visitors will respond to your message and turn into subscribers or customers.

Turn abandoned carts into revenue with exit intent technology

Discover how Exit Intent
Technology works

1. Track visitor

When a visitor lands on your website, OptiMonk begins tracking that visitor's behavior.

2. Detect
abandoning visitors

Our exit intent technology allows OptiMonk to determine the exact millisecond a visitor leaves your page.

3. Display
targeted offer

Once an exit intent has been triggered, OptiMonk displays a targeted offer to your visitor.

lucky wheel gamified popup


Use the exit intent technology to make abandoning visitors sign up for your newsletter list & convert them into sales later.

With only one message, we've collected nearly 70,000 newsletter subscribers. What's even better, we were able to get loyal customers with this tool.

Balazs Varkonyi
Extreme Digital

reduce cart abandonment

Grow your

Detect if someone is about to leave your cart without finishing the purchase and try to re-engage them by promoting special offers.

1,876 visitors used their coupon during the period of analysis, generating $148,297 in extra revenue.

Ezra Firestone
BOOM By Cindy Joseph

Understand user behavior

Get instant

Collect feedback from your abandoning visitors and improve the website experience based on the answers.

We learned what kind of information we should display on the site, in order to greatly improve conversion rates.

Balazs Lakatos

Everything you need for exit intent

OptiMonk has all the tools you need to turn abandoned carts
into revenue with exit intent technology

200+ pre-made

Creating exit intent popups has never been easier with our Drag & Drop editor which includes 200+ beautiful templates at no additional cost.


We detect the precise millisecond when a visitor is about to leave the cart. At that moment a message appears to prevent cart abandonment.


Promote limited-time offers and use a countdown timer to make your visitors feel like there is a “ticking clock” urging them to buy immediately.


With OptiMonk, your exit intent popup will look great on any device, thanks to the responsive design.


Monitor the behavior of every single visitor and trigger your lead generation campaign exactly when they take a specific action.


Target different visitor segments with fully customized messages that are more relevant and more likely to convert into leads.

Discover endless possibilities​

Choose from dozens of exit intent templates or create your own from scratch

Connects with the tools
you’re already using

Your exit intent popups will be up and running on any ecommerce platform and you can push your subscribers directly to your favorite newsletter system


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Turn abandoned carts into revenue

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